The Dalston Escort Angelica is the woman of my dreams.

Perfect to have someone to be with us through thick and thin. Someone to guide our way and make us feel love. Someone who adds color to our life, and make us feel special. We all need someone to hold our hand and encourages us not to give up. Love is a beautiful feeling, and having someone at our side makes us feel safe and secure. Love gives us an extreme feeling, a kind of joy that we can only feel with one person, and strength that instead of giving up we decided to rise again every time we stumble.

To have someone in our side is everything, you can’t say of “a man can live without another; no man is an island” it means, if you don’t have friends, family or a lover is unbelievable, you can’t live alone in this world of difficulties. We go through a lot of challenges in this world, and we knew it. Sometimes it is hard or easy, but there are just some people experiencing the hardships of this world, the one that is tougher. Many people experience such difficulties in life; they are the ones who belong in the low class or experiencing such poverty. Well, even the governments, have still looked for ways to prevent poverty, and the increased of the population.

To live in the poor is hard; many people will drag you down and lose respect. People won’t get treat you like the other people you see, they look at you and trash and you have no purpose in the world. Sometimes maltreated you like an animal, and blame you in everything. It is hard when you have no one to hold on in that moments of your life, you have to remain brave for yourself and your family. I always see lots of couples in the streets, feels like they were so in love and happy together with their company. I never experience it since I know no woman won’t love me as like this. I want to finish college first and then try to enter into a relationship.

I am not ready yet, but I always look forward to meeting the woman of my dreams. I like that skinny curve body, blue eyes, long hair and a white complexion.  I work hard to earn money for my education, and finally, the long wait is over, I graduated from college and directly look for a job. I was cast away in Dalston and got an opportunity there. I met Angelica, a Dalston escort from, and everything about her is my ideal woman. She is the lady I always dream to have. And so I work hard for her and pursue. And luckily we became together happy and strong. The Dalston Escort Angelica is the woman of my dreams


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