The best ways to keep a guy interested

Do you manage to find dates quickly enough, but you do not know the best ways to keep a guy interested for more than a date or more? Do you try to find intriguing topics to discuss and you do whatever to look terrific, but that still does not keep guys intrigued? Have you seen women who are far less appealing than you keep a male interested and you question what they have that you don’t? It’s not always a matter of looking the part. Kent escorts of says that keeping a male interested takes more than a tight gown, fantastic hair and shiny lipstick. You have to have substance and be able to show him what you’ve got.

Nobody can reject the value of capturing a person’s eye with an attractive appearance. After all, guys are visual and their interest begins with what they see. Kent escorts would like you to be conscious of the impression you provide with the look you put together. You wish to appeal to him with an enticing appearance that does not yell how desperate you may be to catch a male. But after he’s had a great chance to look you over, where does the date go? Do you have little to speak about and you simply sit there? Or do you talk endlessly about the ordinary happenings of your day that hardly hold his interest? Are you fast to grumble about how crowded the restaurant is, how sluggish the waiter is, how cold your soup is and how undercooked your steak is? Think about your intention when you go on a date. Exactly what do you want? Next to the possibility of a continuous relationship, don’t you wish to have fun? Even the person who is thinking about finding a female he can dedicate and wants to enjoy himself. He does not want the date to be an interview or a monologue or a grumbling session.

This man will do doubt need to know about you. However, if he opens the door with “Where did you mature?” don’t leap in with an hour long walk down memory lane, tiring him with every tiresome detail of your youth. Hit on a few important and enjoyable memories that will have him laughing, or a minimum of keep him attentively listening. Kent escorts want you to keep an eye on him to see if he’s following your story. If you’re starting to lose his interest, you might be rambling, or maybe your story is not as intriguing as you thought. Get him into the discussion by quickly tossing a concern back at him. A back and forth conversation is always more interesting and enjoyable than a one sided monologue. When he leaves you at the end of the evening, you want him to have an intense desire to see you again. Leave him interested with exactly what is to come on date 2, 3 and four. Don’t be an open book who spills out every reality worrying every element of her life. Let him mull over the bits of info you’ve put out there, however keep him curious to know more. You’ll be keeping him interested in see you once again.

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