Talking about Periods

We’re going to talk to about periods. Oh yeah. You excited? I’m excited. I realized I’ve never made an article about periods before. I’ve talked about them in passing, but never a whole dedicated article.

And for all you people who don’t have periods, you should still read this article because it’s very important said by the girl from Yiewsley Escorts of

For about three years after I started my period, my mum was the only person who knew. Or maybe my dad knew because my mum probably told him. But she was the only one who knew. I didn’t talk to any of my friends about it.

By the time I was 14 I’ve been having my period for like over two years, none of my friends knew, and I had no idea if any of my friends had also started.

And it was just, it just felt like this weight on me that my mum was the only person that knew I was bleeding every month ’cause that’s like a big part of your life. I guess even though I had a good relationship with my mum and decent sex ed in school, I still felt the societal taboo around periods and around talking about them, which is why I just didn’t say anything for years.

How can you? It’s just strange how you can keep bleeding every month a secret from your best friends. Like I felt that by not talking about it, I was internalizing all of these ideas about self hatred, and it being disgusting, and it being gross, and having to keep it a secret, and hush, hush, hush, boys don’t want to hear about that because let’s not gross them out. I really internalized it I guess, which is why I suffered alone. But then when I was 14, I and a bunch of friends are hanging out at my friend’s house, and she just casually goes to her drawer, picks out a pad, waves it at everyone, and then leaves to go to the bathroom.

And I just went oh my God. Like, thank God. And the moment she came back from the bathroom, we were all like, “Well how long have you had your period for? It was insane. It just took one person to break the ice, and we can just talk, and it’s just normal, and it was just something that we could share.

Oh my God, it feels so good to get this off my chest. If she hadn’t done that as well, like how much longer would it have been until me and my friends talked about periods?

OK, so let’s talk about the taboo around periods, and why people are scared of talking about them, and just generally scared of periods.

What’s that about? I have a lot of feelings about this. First of all, it shouldn’t be a taboo. It actually feels so good to be able to talk about your period without all of the embarrassment and the shame that comes along with it.

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