Many new parents find it hard to make time for sex in their lives once they bring home their bundle of joy. Becoming a mom certainly has its challenges. Some girls find motherhood easy to cope with and others do not. When I left London escorts to get married, I…

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On your wedding night there is a lot of time spent in the bedroom, whether it is your first time with each other or the most special night of all. Remembering that night and what went on to make it special is the key to keeping your marriage healthy and satisfying for both people. Everything was new; it was special and sacred in a way, and that was what was great about it. After years of being together you seem to have done everything and now your love life seems a little dull, in life and in the bedroom.

Many people will tell you that counseling is needed, the two of you need to communicate your needs and desires. If your problems are that deep then perhaps it is something that should be considered, but you might want to try a few of these options first and see if one of these will help save your marriage as well as build upon what you already have.

Make the Time

Busy lives at home or work mean less time spent together and this causes relationships to shift, change and fall apart. You have to make time to talk, even if it is small stuff such as what you did at work or how your day went. But don’t leave the talking to just that, turn those conversations into something sultry and romantic at every opportunity. While working can leave you tired, a healthy sex life in the bedroom will perk you right up, in more ways than one. Don’t be afraid about talking about new things and perhaps even trying them out. Schedule a date night, with desert at the end so you are both satisfied and have the time to spend together.

Naughty or Nice

Sex is the biggest key to a marriage as well as a healthy living style. While there are plenty of different views out there on the topic, the better the sex in a marriage the less likely there will be a divorce. If you are constantly trying the same positions, or starting to get bored then it is time to spice it up and make a change. You can try some oils, flavored condoms, vibrators, all of which can be found in local drug stores. For a little more excitement you can visit a local adult themed shop and pick up some items that will enhance your foreplay and satisfy both people. A magazine that you can read together that outlines some sensual material can be a real turn on in a relationship, or pick up a porn video at a rental shop.

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