My husband has hired an escort

How would you feel if you knew that your husband has hired at least one escort? I used to work for a London escorts service so I guess that I might be a little bit more open minded than other girls in London. The thing is that my husband has been doing a lot of business in Japan over the last year. I know the norm is to hire escorts when you go out in Japan. The Japanese don’t call them escorts, they call them hostesses.

Some London escorts also call themselves hostesses. Now that my husband’s Japanese business colleagues are coming over here, he feels that he needs to return the favor so he has turned to an elite London escorts service. I can totally understand that he wants to return the favor, but I am not sure how the other wives will feel about their husbands going out with outcall escorts. I am sure that most of the ladies really do not understand the Japanese business mentality. My husband’s business colleagues here in the UK are all really looking forward to going out with the girls from London escorts. I don’t mind that my husband is going with the London escorts because I know that he has been through that stage of his life. We talked about before we got married, and I know that I am the only woman in his life. But I think that the other guys will have a hard time explaining to their wives what dating London escorts is all about. Should I explain to them? I am not sure if I should explain what outcall escorts are all about but I feel that I should. My husband is very much reliant on his team of colleagues and it takes more than one person to make his business successful.

I want to make sure that my husband does not lose the support of his colleagues. I just want to reassure them that their husbands are not going to be doing anything wrong when they are with the girls from London escorts. This is a really funny situation to be in, and I have talked about with my husband. He has said that it is up to his colleagues to explain why the girls from outcall escorts are going to be at the company events, and why the wives are not invited. I think that he is being a bit too positive about the situation, and I still feel that it would be better coming from me. Should I just let him get on with it? I think that I will just let him get on with it and see how he goes, but I am not sure that things will work out for the best. But then again, it his business and maybe I should stop worrying so much about how he handles his business. He does not interfere with what I do and maybe I should just leave him to manage on his own.

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