Kent girls in training

Kent escorts are probably the best escorts in the entire world. If, you have never dated Kent escorts, you should certainly try to meet Kent escorts as they are not to be missed out on.


london escorts the most stunning sexy companion 


I have been dating Kent escorts for the last couple of months, and so far I have never been disappointed. Mind you, I have dated other escorts as well but I wish I had spent my time dating Kent escorts instead.


There are a lot of different girls from a variety of backgrounds working in Kent at the moment.

A few years a go we never had a lot of escorts services in Kent, however, I am pleased to say that Kent can now offer a full range of services.


I have so far not found a favorite escort here in Kent but I am coming close. One of the girls that I have been dating, Suzi, is very close to becoming a personal favorite of mine.


When I look for a special escort that I can spend some personal time with, there are many things that I take into account. Above all she has to be the most stunning sexy companion, and I have to be able to tell her my most secret inner desires and secrets.


I am a man who enjoy some very special pleasures, and it is important for me to find an escort who can handle my needs and requirements. Sometimes, finding the right escort for me is easier said than done.


However, our Suzy is very close to making the grade but I still feel that I need to spend some time teaching her and educating her to meet my special desires. Suzy is actually one of those escorts who could, with a bit of training become an elite escort.


Elite escorts are out of the ordinary, and they just love to please their dates. They have spent a lot of time training using special techniques, and learning ideas plus picking up tips from their dates.

Many escorts these days are just in it for the money, and they are not any longer prepared to please their dates.


Unfortunately, this comes through in their performance and they do not last very long in the business. If, a girl does not think that escorting is for her, she should not get into the business in the first place.


One thing I have noticed with Kent girls are that they take their job and calling seriously, and always try to please their dates.


In the future I will continue to date Kent escorts, and I am going to continue to train my little sweet Suzy. She will be the best escort in Kent when I have finished her training, and I know that she will make me very proud.


Bless her, she is quite young and entered the escorts business more by accident that design. She is one of the sexiest ladies that I have ever met, and I will be very proud of her when she has completed her training to my standards.


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