I was outsmarted by an escort

I have always thought the girls at Wimbledon escorts of https://charlotteaction.org/wimbledon-escorts were a little bit “blond” if you know what I mean. In general I do have this thing about women not being very smart. It is wrong and I know that but I can’t help. If I want to have a decent conversation I will have a chat to a bloke. Most women to me are silly things who care more about their nails than anything else. Perhaps all of this comes from the way I was brough up, I can’t really say that my date was very good with my mum.



One of my former girlfriends who I used to date before I started to date Wimbledon escorts, thought that I needed to have therapy. It could be that I need to have therapy but since I have never hurt a woman, I can’t see why I should go to the expense of paying for therapy. Having therapy would cost a small fortune, and it would kind of give me a certain stigma. Can you imagine having to tell your boss you need to have time off for therapy? That would not work for me.


Sometimes I have this thing about taking a little bit of a mickey out of the girls at Wimbledon escorts. I thought that I did it in a nice sort of way. Many of the girls at the escort agency in Wimbledon seem to receive little gifts and some of them even receive jewellery. There was this one girl at the escort I used to see a lot of a few months back, and I kind of wanted to impress her. She was one of the sexiest girls at the escort agency, and came across as a really dumb blonde in my opinion.


However, I decided that I would buy her some jewellery, but since she was only a woman, I was not really prepared to spend a fortune on her. Instead of buying her the real deal, I started to buy fake jewellery and I put it in jewellery store boxes. I honestly thought that it would have her fooled, but I did not quite get the uncommon that I was hoping for at the time. I had not counted on meeting a very smart girl at Wimbledon escorts.


My favorite escort that I was dating at Wimbledon  escorts always said thank you but after a  couple of wees she stopped making such a big deal out of my presents. I kept on telling her how valuable the jewellery was, and she just smiled at me. The entire experience was getting to be a little bit unnerving to be fair. This went on until I had a row with her. I asked her to do something for me, and to my surprise, she said no. I told her that she was ungrateful and to my surprise, she turned around and told me that she knew that all of the jewellery was fake. I thought that she was not going to be clever enough to figure out it, but clearly this was one woman I underestimated.

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