I am obese help!

Obesity is one of the major health crisis that has hit this country recently. Lots of people are not eating right or exercising enough to keep themselves healthy. I have been dating with London escorts in charlotteaction.org for about three years and I have noticed that a lot of people are putting weight on. Some of the gents that I am meeting up with are a lot heavier. It is not good for them at all, and being overweight or obese, can cause a myriad of diseases.

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Dating London escorts who are oversized is becoming more popular as well. At first I was not sure what it had to do with but now I think that some larger gents are more comfortable with ladies their own size. Looking around the Internet, I have noticed that a lot of ladies are becoming more rounded. Perhaps it is a response to the fact that a lot of gents have become more rounded as well. I think that is one of the things.

When I first started to work in the adult industry, you would never see a porn star with a bit of extra weight on her. Now, you will see that some porn stars have even filled out a little bit. They seem to have larger bums and more generous tits. I am not saying that there is anything wrong with that. But it seems to be a trend and that is now even spilling over to London escorts services. Within the next few years, I suspect that we will see more plus size girls here at the agency.

I am not saying that all plus size people are unhealthy. They are a lot of girls who work as plus size models who are very healthy. One of the girls that I know very well is a plus size model and I think that she is ten times healthier than me. She says that it has to do with the fact that I work very long hours at London escorts, but I have a feeling there is a little bit more to it than that. Yes, I do work long hours, but I am not sure that I eat too well.

Like many London escorts, I tend to eat a little bit less. Yes, we all do this to keep ourselves looking skinny but does it work. I do pick up a lot of colds and on top of that I do get days when I don’t have any energy at all. Sadly I am not the only girl at the agency to feel that way. Some of the girls do as well. How do you find a happy medium between staying skinny and not putting on too much weight? I really don’t know. One of the girls here at the agency has got a boyfriend who is chef. She always eats a healthy meal and sometimes three courses when she gets home. The funny thing is that she is in perfect shape. That to me is a real mystery. Maybe we should all let somebody else feed us.

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