How to Make Time For Sex

Many new parents find it hard to make time for sex in their lives once they bring home their bundle of joy. Becoming a mom certainly has its challenges. Some girls find motherhood easy to cope with and others do not. When I left London escorts to get married, I assumed that married life was going to be easy. Let me tell you, it is not being cheap London escorts was easier. You really do need to adjust and I wish that I had some more time to adjust even to married life and life outside of London escorts before I even became a mum.

What is so difficult about married life? I did not believe any of my London escorts friends when they told me that they found married life to be boring and mundane. Of course, that was before I left London escorts myself. I really did not have a clue that I would be spending my days doing housework and laundry. If I would have known that my husband-to-be was planning to sack his cleaner I may have thought twice about getting married to him and leaving London escorts.

As it was, I did not have a clue that I would find myself as both housekeeper and cleaner of our home in London. Not only that, but my husband soon expected me to cock all of our meals. On top of that, he started to invite his business colleagues around for dinner. I had met some of them when I worked for cheap London escorts, so I knew a little bit about them. However, bit cooking dinner at home and trying to stick to a cheap London escorts format of business dating is not easy.

It was really kind of crazy. By the time I got pregnant, I was already exhausted and had started to appreciate how convenient my life had been when I worked for London escorts. My husband just carried on as usual and expected me to handle everything around the house, and once the baby was born, he just wanted me to look after the baby 24/7 as well. It was next to impossible and I soon found that I had simply taken on too much.

When we got into bed with each other at night, I was too tired for sex. All I wanted to do was to close my eyes and go to sleep. The change of lifestyle from London escorts had simply come as too much of a shock, and I was not sure that I was cut out for a life of domestic bliss. I missed London escorts like mad and wanted to go back even though I had a baby in tow. In the end, it was my mother-in-law who said it was too much and got my husband to amend his ways. If he had not started to share the housework and helped me to look after the baby as well, I am pretty sure that we would never have lasted past the two-year mark.


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