Escorting in Barking

I know that there are tons of different career for girls out there, but I am not so sure that they are as much fun as escorting. On top of that, you can earn some serious money from escorting as well. Personally I would never have considered a career as an escort when I started out in my professional life, but now I am really into escorting. First of all, I worked in an office for a while, but that got me really bored. After that I worked in a hostess bar here in Barking making the most out of my good looks. It was there I was recruited to work for Barking escorts.


a chance to meet a barking escorts


I have been working for Barking escorts for just under three years now. During that time I have earned a lot of money and at the same time I have had a lot of fun. Money is important to young girls and to be honest it is rather hard to earn good money today. It is not like you are going to step into the top of a job straight away. But with escorting, any girl can have a chance to do well.


My job at Barking escorts has paid for my nice car and it has also helped me to buy my flat. After all, I am only 24 years old and I have a flat which is almost completely paid for. A lot of girls at my time of life is not in that sort of situation. Along the way I have met some really nice gents as well. Many of the dates that I have met at Barking escorts have given me nice gifts and really spoiled me. My friends who are not escorts say that I use these men but I think that it works both ways. We are sort of business partners with benefits if you like.


I have also been able to have some lovely holidays. Many of the men that I date at Barking escorts are very lonely and may not even have traveling companions. The truth is that I think that I am actually in love with a couple of them and I have been dating them for a few years now. A lot of people assume that escorts are treated badly but that is not the case for me. All of my dates have been really nice to me, and I have always enjoyed their company.


So, should you go into escorting? It is a good career if you work for a good agency. Barking escorts is a really good agency and I really enjoy working here. Some of the agencies don’t look after their girls at all, but our boss certainly does. I think it depends on the fact that she used to be an escort herself. She knows what it is like to be frontline and that is why she really cares for us girls. If you are lucky enough to have a good boss and a decent dating diary, I think that escorting is a good choice for many young ladies.

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