Do escorts have favorite dates?

Most girls who are new to escorting don’t believe that they are going to get personally attached to any of their dates.

The owner of the escort agency will have warned you against developing personal attachments. Most of the time this is true, and you should really try to avoid personal attachments. But as I have learned at Harrow escorts of, there are times when you simply can’t help getting personally attached to date. Almost all escorts that I have met at Harrow escorts and from other escort agencies in London do have their favorite dates.


Is that a bad thing? When I first started to escort, I thought that it may be a bad thing. But then I realised that we all need to have personal relationship in our lives. Not only that, but most of us do even have different types of personal relationships. Why could I not have one particular type of personal relationship with my gents at Harrow escorts and then another type of relationship with the men I call my friends.


I am sure that all escorts have some dates which are more precious to them than others. Some of them may be one off dates, but in general, I think that you are much more likely to have a personal relationship with a gent who comes to visit you more often. Almost as soon as I started to escort with Harrow escorts, I will admit to meeting a couple of special gents. Some of the gents had something a little bit tragic about them, and some were just happy all of the time.


Isn’t if funny how you pick up on something tragic having happened in someone’s life? The other day I met this airline captain. He was one of the most handsome men that I had ever met in my life. I m sure that he enjoyed a very successful career but there was still some tragic about him. I felt like asking him what he had lost. All the way through the date, that question was on the tip of my tongue, but I did not get around to asking him. We clearly made some personal connection as he has arranged another date with me at Harrow escorts.


What dates do you remember the best? I am not sure, and a lot of it depends on you as a person. Sure, I remember some of the fun dates that I have enjoyed at Harrow escorts. But if I stop and think about it, I do remember the gents who have been a little bit blue more. Even though I may just have met them on one occasion, it feels like they have left a little bit something behind when they leave. It is some sort of emotional residue which can be hard to define. I hope that they are all okay, and I would like them to know that there is always room in my heart for them. Many girls probably feel that way.

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