With This Ring I ME Wed

Whether or not you are married or not, we all heard the part in the wedding vows, “Till death do us part.” For most of us, well the 50% who do get divorced, this is the part we don’t take seriously. Most people will part, and most will even find someone else to make them happy. Now there is a new group who wants their marriage to be consider legal, and NO we are not talking about the LGBQT (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Queer, Trans-sexual) wanting to get married, but an even smaller group of people. Thinksquad has found a group of people who only want to marry (pause for dramatic music) THEMSELVES.

Love yourself

Your mother always said you have to love yourself, before someone else can love you, so why not take that to the extreme, and marry yourself. “Till Death Do YOU Part.” Janet Marlow of Knob Noster, Missouri, was tired of the single scene. She is a very successful pediatric surgeon, and at the ripe age of 31, she decided to marry herself. “All through out life we are told that we should marry, and find that other person to fulfill our lives. I say fuck that.” said Mrs. Marlow, (did you notice we used MRS.?)  (and why did she use profanity to such a prestigious and high class news organization like Thinksquad? but that is for another time.)  While it would be premature to call it a trend, several people since then have taken the vows of self-marriage as a way of contractually binding themselves to matrimonial values.

Anderson Cooper’s talk show recently featured a woman who had wed herself, and even took herself out on dates. “I started discovering that the love I need, it’s in here,” Nadine Schweigert said, pointing to her heart.

Who get’s the kids?

So on a side note here, do you have to divorce yourself in order to marry another, or is that considered Polygamy? (Maybe it’s just us who wonders that?) Still not considered a “REAL” marriage in the eye’s of the state, many now want it to be legal for one’s to marry themselves. After doing some exhausted research on many cases of people marrying themselves, and even churches marrying individuals to themselves, no state will even hear this as a plausible marriage. Some day all marriages will be considered equal, but as far as today goes and the few people who have married themselves, that day cannot come soon enough.

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