Get It Right The First Time

It’s how they weed out the weak ones.

This is the SHIELD Helicarrier  As you can see from the picture above either you land the plane on the first go around or you die.

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2 Responses to Get It Right The First Time

  1. Anonymous says:

    Old technology An ionocraft or ion-propelled aircraft, commonly known as a lifter or hexalifter, is an electrohydrodynamic (EHD) device (utilizing an electrical phenomenon known as the Biefeld–Brown effect) to produce thrust in the air, without requiring any combustion or moving parts. The term “Ionocraft” dates back to the 1960s, an era in which EHD experiments were at their peak. In its basic form, it simply consists of two parallel conductive electrodes, one in the form of a fine wire and another which may be formed of either a wire grid, tubes or foil skirts with a smooth round surface. When such an arrangement is powered up by high voltage in the range of a few kilovolts, it produces thrust. The ionocraft forms part of the EHD thruster family, but is a special case in which the ionisation and accelerating stages are combined into a single stage.

  2. Some Guy says:

    I’m not a comic book guy or a shipbuilder. . . or even a shipbuilder that bolts helicopter parts onto aircraft carriers . . . but given that the helicarrier is presumably several thousand feet in the air, why take off from the flight deck anyway? Why not just install a trapdoor? This would save taxpayers millions of dollars!

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