Hulk Would Kill For A Hostess Fruit Pie

Back when I was a child they used to print ads in the back of comics about Hostess Fruit Pie, and just how delicious they were. Now anyone who has ever actually had one could tell you that they were nothing like a pie your mom would make, and a shittier version of everything that is wholesome and sweet. Just how “Hot Pockets” are to Italian Cuisine, Hostess Fruit Pie are to baked goods. So take this ad for instance, Hulk murders an entire disco gang at the behest of yappy children. No one calls the police or paramedics, just good ole’fashion killing. Now I never recalled any baked goods that ever made me want to murder anyone, but I do remember disco, and yes I would murder people who listen to that.

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One Response to Hulk Would Kill For A Hostess Fruit Pie

  1. Smaktakula says:

    If there’s one thing these old advertisements taught me, it’s that the power of Hostess Brand trumps even the most pronounced criminal intentions.

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