Capital Punishment

Question of the Day: I know this is random but do you believe in capital punishment when dealing with crimes against humanity/war crimes/crimes against peace? Like if someone were directly responsible for mass killings or even genocide?

Answer: No. There are no circumstances under which capital punishment is just. One cannot assert themselves as a moral authority if they practice such and no political institution can command respect or lay claim to legitimate judicial power if it prescribes the act of killing as a just response to any crime, no matter how morally depraved said criminal activity may be. The only function capital punishment actually serves is the potential for feelings of retribution and it is my view that such is not significant enough to warrant execution. It is morally and ethically inconsistent to condemn the act of killing and prescribe such as punishment for participating in criminal acts of a similar nature. For a political institution to assert itself as a morally superior entity capable of bringing about consistent conceptions of accepted standards of justice, it must practice, apply, and prescribe a moral code of ethics that does not engage in the very acts which it formally condemns.

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