Bacon Is Meat Candy

If you are a bacon lover, then you know the power of it’s crisp draw, the sizzling pop is mesmerizing to some, so mesmerizing in fact that they wrap meatloaf with bacon. We all love boobs what what about boobs wrapped in bacon?Well everyone’s favorite restaurant when they are in a drunken stupor, Denny’s wants to go one step further on the bacon scale.They created an ice cream sundae, which they call, “The Maple Bacon Sundae” here is the description they use:

Bacon makes a classic ice cream sundae even more awesome. We start with maple-flavored syrup, and a scoop of rich, creamy vanilla ice cream and then a generous sprinkle of our diced hickory-smoked bacon. Add another sweet layer of syrup and vanilla ice cream topped with even more bacon and a drizzle of syrup.

Yes we know it’s a heart attack waiting to happen, but what better way to kill off Americans, then with bacon. Enjoy!

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7 Responses to Bacon Is Meat Candy

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  3. thor27 says:

    Oh boy a bacon bra now I’ve seen something different
    wow that’s wild !!!

  4. Bruce says:

    Bacon is meat candy…

    Unless you freeze it, then it’s more like meat ice cream. (YUM!)

  5. “Denny’s wants to go one step further on the bacon scale.”

    Wait a minute! Not that I object to bacon on a sundae, but that certainly is NOT “one step further on the bacon scale.” I think my bacon scale meter pegged on that one.

  6. By “that one,” I meant the bacon bra, of course.

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