Taco Bell Bandit Apprehended

When you think of top of the line fast food, most likely Taco Bell is far from the top rung on the ladder. Now in San Antonio, Texas, which is a hop, skip, and a jump from Mexico and real Mexican cuisine. One man bought 7 beefy crunch burritos, and was extremely pissed to find out that the price went from 99 cents to $1.49. (Don’t know why beef would crunch, but we here at Thinksquad, don’t eat them. ) The man was so pissed, that he shot the drive-thru employee with a BB gun,  then pulled around and was getting out of his car, and put an assault rifle, and a hand gun on the roof of his car. That was when the manager of Taco Bell locked the glass doors, hoping that somehow bullets would not break the glass. The guy got back into his car, and police finally managed to find him at a cheap motel, where he shot at them with the assault rifle, and three hours later, and a stomach empty without Taco Bell, the man surrendered. We would like to think it was because he was without Taco Bell, but most likely it was all the tear gas they lobbed in his room.

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