The Lottery Split

For a lot of Americans, winning the lottery may seem like their only way out of whatever situation they are in. Most who play, never are afforded a chance to win, and some see it as just another way to give money to a statist system. Now there are those who do win from time to time, and it is one of those individuals we will cover today.  The 2nd largest lottery in US history 380 million dollars, was first won by a Washington State resident, Jim McCullar, but there was two winners, and the second winner took a week till she came out to claim her prize,  her name happen to be Holly Lahti. Holly is your typical lower income hard worker of two children. She was a bank teller, and separated from her husband, because of physical and mental abuse.Now you would think winning the lottery would be totally awesome,

Is it possible to shove one of these huge checks through those vacuum tubes in the bank drive-thru?

but her husband, whom she is still legally married to, but separated from, wants half of her 190 million, minus taxes of course. Whether you think the husband is a pompous asshole who doesn’t deserve nothing, or a super-patriot, who rejoices that the system works.  Holly will most likely have to give her husband, most likely soon-to-be ex-husband, half of her winnings. If we were her husband, we would be on the look out, because maybe she could have used some of that money to hire a…

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One Response to The Lottery Split

  1. This is so wrong. I can’t believe that man could possibly be legally entitled to this woman’s winnings but, if they’re technically still married, I suppose he is. If he gets the money she should use her half to hire a good lawyer, sue him for damages for all the abuse he’s given her, and get the money back that way.

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