No Jobs At Apple

Apple fanboys hang on Jobs every breath, and it also seems like his company stock does as well. Jobs took his third medical leave since being CEO of the company, and his stock prices dropped 8 percent today. There is a huge fight between people that love Apple products and people that can’t stand anything Apple puts out.

The last time Jobs took a leave of absents, he had his liver transplant. In 2009 Bloomberg accidentally printed Steve Jobs’ obituaries. Also that year, there was an blogger who wrote on 4chan that said Jobs had a heart attack, and Apple Stocks prices went from $105.04 per share to $94.65 per share, equaling a loss of $9 billion in market value.

No matter if you love him or hate him, Apple seems to be the front runner, on where the computer industry seems to head, making products everyone wants to put under the Christmas tree. Which bring to mind, who will take over once Steve Jobs leaves the company, and will the company survive without him? We wonder what would happen if shareholders brought this unemployed worker to head the company?

Steve Jobs, with unemployed drifter Bill Gates

Get your rest Steve, Apple Fanboys miss you.

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