Katheryn Elizabeth Hudson’s Purr

Katheryn Elizabeth Hudson who is better known by her stage name Katy Perry, has shaken her christian roots, after her unsuccessful music attempts into that genre, only to be reborn, as the vixen we know today. Promethean Times along with Maxim Hot 100 named Katy Perry, the hottest woman of 2010. Nordstroms, the high class department store, has the exclusive on Katy Perry’s signature perfume, called Purr. Nordstroms describes the scent that begins with the aroma of forbidden corn chips, evolves with a distinct floral bouquet of  the corpse flower, and slowly reveals accents of Russell Brand’s crotch funk.

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3 Responses to Katheryn Elizabeth Hudson’s Purr

  1. Smaktakula says:

    We would buy her funk with a quickness. However, as a point of order, we do not share Maxim’s view that Ms. Perry/Mrs. Brand is the world’s most beautiful woman. That honor goes to thespian (hey, it’s cool, she’s out) Jodie Foster.

  2. wnyh says:

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