Holiday Season Gift Idea: The Space Shuttle

NASA is trying to pawn off it’s old items in order to make up for some spending cash. If you act now, you too can get you very own Space Shuttle. Last week, these items were going for $42 million dollars. Now NASA wants to move them fast and has dropped the price through the floor at the rock bottom price of 28.8 million dollar. Wow can you imagine how envious your neighbors would be seeing this lawn ornament.

You wanted the Discovery? GONE! Sold to the Smithsonian Institution’s National Air and Space Museum. You better act quick, because these things will be going like hot cakes. Don’t be the only neighbor on your block without a Space Shuttle on your lawn. For you Star Trek Fans, the Space Shuttle Enterprise, the only Space Shuttle not to go in space, is also for sale.

If that’s too high for you, and you need something a little cheaper than the price of an actual Space Shuttle, why not buy a 1:1 scale replica for the nice price of $22,000.

Interior of the shuttle not included, but email them if you want a replica of the insides, that’ll cost extra.

Hurry folks, Christmas is 36 days away, you don’t want to be left behind.

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2 Responses to Holiday Season Gift Idea: The Space Shuttle

  1. If they’d part it out into square inch bits, I’d be willing to part with a few grand for it. Have a mohogany display case made for it so I can put it behind glass in my living room. That would be awesome.

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