Saggy Pants Debate

They see me rollin
They hatin

Two teens were walking in a wonderful Tennessee neighborhood, when a 45-year-old man told them to pull up their pants. The fashion debate turned ugly when the 45-year-old, brandished a gun and shot one of the teen in his ass. For those who like to wear their pants low, more and more states are enacting laws to prevent you from being YOU.

Take Flint Michigan, they made it a law where they can send your ass to motherfucking ass-raping prison for wearing your pants a certain way.

The white man is always tryn' to keep the brother down

Can you imagine serving hard time, because you have no concept what a fucking belt is?

Is it a matter of race? Well savvy Thinksquad reader, it could be?

This crack is part of my trademark.

I don’t think the legions of Plumbers and Carpenters are going to be serving hard time or even get a fine for the lack of cover-up. Yes, it’s called a PLUMBER’S CRACK, for a reason.

Also if you happen to be a hot female, police tend to look the other way or maybe they are looking your way, but not to fine you, but to ogle.

What was I writing about again? Oh yeah, She had dumps like a truck truck truck Thighs like what what what Baby move your butt butt butt Uh I think to sing it again She had dumps like a truck truck truck Thighs like what what what All night long Let me see that thong

Pick any day of the week, and walk through the aisles of Wal-Mart, and you’ll shake your head at what people wear out in public, but it’s not your call. It’s their life to live. Should we make laws that single out certain people and send them to jail over what they fucking wear?

All because I'm White and Nerdy.

Yes we all know there will be those who will push the boundaries, but does that equal jail time? Friends are supposed to be the litmus test, keeping you in check, telling you when what you do or wear is down right retarded. But nowadays we are playing a game of oneupsmanship, trying to out do our friends and neighbors, because no one wants not to not be seen or heard.

This can get you shot in the ass or thrown in jail

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2 Responses to Saggy Pants Debate

  1. korrissa says:

    its crazy this is an issue with people.
    if someone shot that guy in the chest for wearing his pants so high people would lose their minds its so obviously a race issue. and thats just sad. even for Tennessee

  2. tjkj says:

    gay trend

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