FDA to Decide on Hulking Salmon

Hulk no like puny salmon

Messing with the genetic code, and using gamma radiation, puny nerd, Bruce Banner, was transformed into the Incredible Hulk.

Now scientist, are also messing with the genetic code of a salmon to create a sort of Hulking version, or as some in the scientific community call it, a Frankenfish. “It’s ALIVE!!!” No not made up of other dead fish, but way bigger, faster and powerful then ever before.

A genetically engineered Fucking Incredible Hulk Salmon (background) alongside an Atlantic Bruce Banner salmon of the same age (foreground). See the shades of green on it's scales, that's gamma radiation pumping through it's veins.

Conspiracy buffs, will be having a raging clue today with talks of how this is a stage of the The Codex Alimentarius.

Genetically modified food has been around in almost every single fruit and vegetable you eat. Now the FDA has to decide how this will impact the ecosystem, and people’s health in general, as we modify animals.

Hulk thinks if puny scientist want Hulk fish to pass, puny scientist should have made a pill to give men Hulk size penis, then men with puny packages would like the idea of genetically modified stuff. Hulk not as dumb as you think.

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One Response to FDA to Decide on Hulking Salmon

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