Leaving the Union Part 2: Superior State

What’s cooler then being cool?  The people of Michigan’s Upper Peninsula. When a land full of people who talk like Sarah Palin, were concern over a perceived lack of interest from the Michigan state government, the people of the Upper Peninsula (U.P.), affectionately known as “Yoopers,” have been trying to secede and form the State of Superior since as far back as 1897.

The movement gained momentum after 1957 when a bridge connecting the U.P. region to Lower Michigan made it easier for southern “Trolls” (people who live “below the bridge”) and Yoopers to mingle.

We have to side with the Yoopers on this one, take a look at Miss Michigan 2010

Miss Andrea Underhill, who likes to read Faulkner, and enjoys hiking up mountains, scaring villagers, and abducting children, you know, your typical troll stuff. She also had a brief movie appearance, in Lord of the Rings, talk about success!

This animosity continued into the mid-1980s, when 20,000 signatures were collected and submitted to the state for a secession request. However, the number was shy of the 36,000 required, and the request subsequently denied.

Us Yoopers hava strong hat'red to dem Trolls don't cha know, for now we'll live wit dem. Could be worse, you betcha.

The secessionist drive lives on today, as numerous grassroots organizations are trying to muster support for another official attempt at an independent U.P. Until that day comes, though, the Yoopers and Trolls will just have to try to get along.

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