Train-Wrecks on TV

Everyone’s favorite train-wreck and former Playgirl cover boy, Levi Johnson, is hoping you’ll stroke his Johnson and vote for him as Mayor of Wasilla, Alaska. Yes the unemployed fucker needs a job, now that he’s a father, and we’re guess he thought if he’s mother-in-law could do it, so could he. He will be offered a reality TV show for dumbfucks with nothing better to do, will watch a fellow dumbfuck on his road to the shithole mayor’s office.

Alright stop, collaborate and listen. In the category of wash-up’s trying to make a living, Vanilla Ice AKA Robert Van Winkle, will be staring in a reality TV show. Ever since his rap career pulled a Gary Coleman, and died. Rob had been busy since that time remodeling houses. DIY Network offered the former rapper a TV show to follow along him and his crew as they remodel and renovate houses. If there was a problem, yo, he’ll solve it, but let’s hope he keeps the jumpsuit and hair.

Why in the hell do you give these ass-clowns air time? Did the Writer’s Strike a few years back kill all the talent in Hollywood? If you have friends that Tivo this shit, please do us all a favor and get them castrated.

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