Thinksquad’s Guide To High IQ Societies

If you happen to be a genius, or just a very smart person, all we have to say is that from one smart person to our fellow smart blog readers, most of the people we met, had  little to no social grace. Most were assholes, and most people we did meet made us want to kick in their teeth. I do not in any way respect people for just being smart, it is their action which will always speak louder then any brainy accomplishment they have achieve. Also who in the fuck was the web designers on all these so-called smart people’s web pages? They look like they were done by a failing Jr. High School web design student.

If you want to know I actually belong to two of these societies (care to make a guess), and all I ever met was ass fuckers, who only pissed me off. I guess it could be the region I live in.  My wife’s brother is the smartest person I have met. He memorized the dictionary at 6, could solved calculus problems at 8, graduated high school by 12 and got a masters in Mathematics and Computer Science at the tender age of 17. Like most geniuses, he has severe OCD and suffers from a form of Autism called Asperger syndrome. Now he too has no social grace, and if you are ugly, well he’ll tell you. His IQ is at 188.

The smartest man in the world today has an IQ of 210, his name is Kim Ung-Yong. My idol, Nikola Tesla was considered the smartest man of all time with an estimated IQ of 230-310. Also William James Sidis was to have an IQ around 200-300 as well. If you are wondering Albert Einstein had an estimated IQ of 160-180.

Now if you want to know about High IQ societies, here are the top 8. Most people know of Mensa, and think they are the pinnacle on the list. Sorry they are actually the bottom.

8. Mensa is the most recognized out of all of these groups, they say 1 in 50 people make it. You need to score over 132 on the IQ Test to make it. If you make it in this group you are smarter then 98 percent of the population.  Mensa has over 50,000 members in the US, and around 100,000 worldwide.

7. Top One Percent Society, is the next in the batting order, they say 1 in 100 people make it. You need to score over 137 join. If you do join the group you are smarter than 99 percent of the population. TOPS has 1104 active members.

6. Colloquy, is a small group that has about 190 active members. 1 in 200 people make it to this league plus an IQ of 142. This group will tell you they are smarter then 99.5% of the population.

5. Triple Nine Society, / has a small membership, 1 in 1000 people make the cut. If you do make it you are smarter than 99.9% of the population. To do this you will need a 150  or higher.

4. Vertex Society, is an exclusive group. You have to have an IQ of at least 160 to join. Only 1 in 11,000 people on the planet are this smart. If you are this smart you are smarter than 99.991 percent of the population.

3. The Prometheus Society was established in 1982, and I have to tell you this group is very small, because 1 in 30,000 people make the cut. These guys are smarter than 99.997% of the population. You will need an IQ of 164 or higher to join the society.

2. The Mega Society, all I have to say is WOW, these fuckers have an IQ of 170 or higher, which makes them smarter then 99.9999% of the population. Just so you know that’s is 1 in a million people make the cut.

And the so-called smartest society in the world is called The Giga Society. There are 6 members. Six of the smartest fuckers on the planet. Two in the United States and four in Europe. Why so few? It might have something to do with the fact that you have to be smarter than .999999999 of the population to join. According to their own web site this means “in theory one in a billion individuals can qualify”. To do so you have to score more than a 195 on one of their accepted IQ tests, which, frankly, sounds pretty hard to do.

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2 Responses to Thinksquad’s Guide To High IQ Societies

  1. Smak Takula says:

    You are so right about social graces. I sometimes go out with the other five members of the Giga Society, and it’s a nightmare every time.

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