Just Asking?

We're Streaking!

Can any one tell me why someone would pay to go to a sporting event, with ticket prices as high as they are, and then strip naked and run out on field?

I feel bad for the tackler

What could be the cause? Like Jamie Foxx might sing, “Blame it on the A A A A A Al Alcohol.” Others will say drug use.

They're are some that like to play in the 19th Hole.

I guess someone lost a bet, maybe a college prank, A friend told them they didn’t have the balls to do it, they’re some sort of manchurian candidate, who knows? Why is it hot women don’t streak? Can you imagine the attendance if that happened at every game? Okay maybe it would be bloody at Nascar, but you get the picture. Why isn’t Kate Beckinsale streaking?

Why is it always the trolls who crawl from under the bridge looking like some Seth Rogen look-a-like?

What no kiss?

Whatever the case I think some people like to show their junk to everyone.

I'm the King of the World!

Maybe you have streaked before, why did you do it?

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