Vengeance and Furious Anger

That was through the up-rights

On Tuesday night, lightning came down, and struck at a 6 story statue of Jesus, and burned it to the ground.

I'm a mushroom-cloud-layin' motherfucker, motherfucker!

Just remember that he will strike down upon thee with great vengeance and furious anger to those who would shoot lightning bolts from the sky at a statue of Jesus. And you will know his name is the Lord when he lays his vengeance upon thee.

Now local people in Ohio cannot have fun with their local attraction

I said, young man, when you're short on your dough. You can stay there, and I'm sure you will find Many ways to have a good time.

The Ohio State Highway Patrol have not ruled out it being a malicious act and have a few suspects.

Thor: God of Thunder

And maybe jealousy from another demi-god

We here at thinksquad are not afraid to show an image of the Prophet Muhammad

Just remember

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