Cheer Up Keanu Reeves Day

Cheer Up Keanu Day is on June 15, some say July 1, but either way, it has it has it own webpage, it even has it’s own Facebook group you can join. The new work wasting phenomenon has hit the on-line community.

When a bah-humbug expresssioned photo of Keanu Reeves sadly eating a danish on a park bench emerged people started super impose Keanu’s image on alternative backgrounds.

Keanu Reeves, Who is He?

We all know Keanu Reeves through his acting career: he mostly plays the cool and stoic hero in works such as The Matrix, Johnny Mnemonic, Speed, and Constantine. But behind the cool name (Keanu means, “the coldness” in Hawaiian), cool shades, and the deadpan “Whoa…” lies a man with a very tragic past.

His father, Samuel Nowlin Reeves Jr., abandoned him and his mother when he was 3, and has never reconnected with him since. His mother, Patricia Bond, became a costume designer and showgirl who constantly remarried and divorced a string of 3 stepfathers for Keanu, and they were always moving. Because of that, he went to different high schools. He had a key interest in hockey (was MVP of his hockey team, named “The Wall”), but his dream of playing in the Olympics ended after an injury. Afterwards, he dropped out of high school to become an actor, thus starting his career. He never obtained a high school diploma.

Keanu has never married and avoids most relationships. In 1999, Reeves’ girlfriend Jennifer Syme gave birth to a daughter, Ava Archer Syme-Reeves, but she was stillborn. Two years later, Syme herself got into a fatal automobile accident. His close best friend, River Phoenix, died due to drug overdose one Halloween morning.

In his career, Keanu turns down big roles if he believes the character he would portray is too violent. He took a 90 percent pay cut on The Replacements just so that Gene Hackman could be cast. Previously, he had deferred 2 million of his salary so that Al Pacino could be cast on The Devil’s Advocate. Even then, he gives most of his earnings to charity and the backstage crew/people who help on the set.

Currently, Keanu’s best friend is his sister, Kim Reeves, who has been diagnosed with leukemia. His remaining money probably pays for her medical bills, and he plays the guitar for a small band to further get finance. Also many people do not know that Keanu Reeves has an IQ of 160.

If you would like to create your own I added a pic so you can super impose Keanu yourself.

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3 Responses to Cheer Up Keanu Reeves Day

  1. Smak Takula says:

    Keanu is high in that last picture. At least a mile high.

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  3. Joanne says:

    I am truly sorry Keanu has had so many tough moments in his life but as they say ” whatever doesn’t kill you, makes you stronger.” and Keanu is a wonderful actor. I love his movies! Sound like he is also an incredible human being. Compassionate, caring, using his gifts to better the lives of so many around him. Well done, good and faithful servant! Best wishes on the recovery of his sister. I really hope the medical system is able to find a way to heal her and she has many more years of life.

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