I hate you

I was reading my favorite blog yesterday, Promethean Times, and over there, they posted a story called “All Men Are Created Equal (Not Really)” which got me thinking…

Is any form of discrimination acceptable?

Now before you answer that, allow me to put a few things in motion in your head. We allow companies, right now, to discriminate. For example:

Which only caters to women.

Can a Lesbian be allowed to create a Gym that caters solely to Lesbian females called

or if you’re male, try getting a job as a waiter at Hooters. Which only hires women, of a certain weight, and appearance.

Can you be allowed to create a male wait-staff style restaurant called

Allow us to put our 8 inch hotdog in your bun.

Where the men can also wear necklaces with roosters on them and ask their patrons to touch their “cocks” they get 15% off.

Car Insurance companies discriminate against young male drivers, making them pay more then their female counterparts. Which is not based on performance, but age and gender.

I endorse this blog

If you own an NFL team, and you want to hire a coach should it be mandatory to interview  someone of color…

Is the "Juice" worth the squeeze?

before you hire a white coach?

Ryan Leaf, worst quarterback of all time

Should a Christian lawn care company be allowed to refuse the right to work on someone’s lawn because those people are gay?

I work really hard 'cause I'm no fun. Bwong!

Should a Korean convenient store be allowed to only sell to other Asians or hire only Asians?

If you own a business and you create something that you only sell to your cousin Todd

Must be your cousin Todd, I don't even know a Todd

Should the government force you to sell to everyone else?

By studying Philosophy, we learn that you can not teach discrimination is bad when we allow others of a certain group to do that which we are preaching against. How can we teach that violence is bad when we allow war to happen? Or Stealing is bad when we allow taxes to happen?  Society looks to the Government as the great mediator, when it is not even remotely fair.

Is discrimination wrong?

Most definitely, but in saying that, realize that our culture allows discrimination to happen every single day!

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3 Responses to I hate you

  1. I could leave a huge response, but I don’t agree. Intense post, I definitely enjoyed reading it – but I don’t agree with much I’ve read here.

  2. thinksquad says:

    Thanks rainbowshitsandgigglefits for the blog comment, but if we allow the free market to decide instead of allowing Government intervention, then a truly free society can decide whom they want to work for, or hire, or give their money or business too. Things like discrimination won’t matter.
    Thomas Jefferson once wrote; “All men are created equal,” but he was a slave owner, who repressed the Native Americans, and did not believe women should vote.

  3. “lickety split” – snigger…

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